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iSUPER® are a group of Chartered Accountants who provide clients with flexibility, transparency and control over their superannuation to drive the wealth and wellbeing outcome they are after.

We are trusted to educate, coach and ensure compliance for our clients as they make wise investment decisions to grow their wealth.


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SMSF administration services

At iSUPER® we offer a complete SMSF administration solution that gives you; known costs of administration, the benefits of independent advice and access to experienced staff to assist you in maximising your opportunities within your SMSF.

We do all this, whilst also remaining flexible enough to accommodate how you want to invest.Whether you want to use a specific bank or broker, or invest in the different investment options available to an SMSF, we can meet your administration needs.

Benefits of our service included;

Cost effective

At iSUPER®, we constantly strive to improve our service to meet your superannuation needs. We have developed our processes over 10 years to ensure an efficient and robust service that you can rely on, at a price you can afford.


we offer a solution that provides timely compilation of all the accounts and statutory documentation your fund needs.


iSUPER® does not restrict you to a specific bank, broker or Investment platform. We work with your preferred investment choices.


our staff are available to give technical feedback on issues or structures and assist with any questions you have.


iSUPER® employs Chartered Accountants who are experienced in SMSF administration and audit, so you are getting great advice when you need it most.


iSUPER® have all our funds independently audited to maintain a transparent audit process for Trustee’s peace of mind.

  • Technical skills
  • Independence
  • Choice of auditors
Technical skills

Our staff possess a broad range of technical skills to administer the strategies that you want to implement, and report on them effectively. We can provide you with the support structure to implement the strategies you have identified, and provide administrative support as well. We can also look at the implementation from an audit perspective to assist you in maintaining ongoing compliance.


Administration – we believe in the importance of protecting our independence, to ensure that you are receiving transparent advice, with no hidden fees or commissions.This is important in maintaining our relationship and ensuring that you have confidence in our advice. Our motivation is to assist you implement your chosen SMSF strategies to help fund your retirement lifestyle.Audit – all funds administered by iSUPER® are independently audited to guarantee independence.

Choice of auditors

iSUPER® offers you the flexibility to use your own auditor, or alternatively we can arrange for the audit of your funds with our audit provider. iSUPER® will liaise with the auditors to achieve timely resolution of audit queries.

We achieve this through our experience, understanding of the audit process, anticipation of expected audit queries and taking a pro-active approach to the resolution of potential audit issues prior to the audit.






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  • Accounts
  • Annual return
  • Shares (<25)
  • Cash (<3)
  • Audit file & Auditor liaison
  • Accounts updated annually


  • Accounts 
  • Annual return
  • Shares (<50)
  • Cash (<6)
  • Audit file & Auditor liaison
  • Accounts updated monthly
  • Online reporting
  • Property
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  • Accounts
  • Annual return
  • Shares – unlimited
  • Cash – unlimited
  • Audit file & Auditor liaison
  • Accounts updated weekly
  • Online reporting
  • Property
  • Pension Structuring
  • Actuarial Provided



  • Accounts
  • Annual return
  • Shares – unlimited
  • Cash – unlimited
  • Audit file & Auditor liaison
  • Accounts updated daily
  • Online reporting
  • Property
  • Pension structuring
  • Actuarial provided
  • Deed upgrades
  • Complex queries & dealings

Once you have decided that an SMSF is right for you, the iSUPER® Team will work with you to establish your fund. If you have any outstanding questions around the suitability of an SMSF for you, we welcome you to contact us for a more in-depth discussion.


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